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China plans to set up the Ministry of Energy

China plans to set up an energy ministry to supervise the huge-scale oil, gas, coal and electricity industries, as part of the government agency reform plan aimed at improving the

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The IAEA and the SMR market

The IAEA is expanding its cooperation and coordination in the design, development and deployment of small, medium or modular reactors. This is one of the most promising emerging technologies in

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CNNC Geothermal Projects in Tibet

Chen Hua, Chairman of the Board of China Nuclear Power Company, CNNC (Tibet) Industrial Development Co., Ltd. signed an agreement with CNNC KunHua Energy Development Co., Ltd. on the development

Greater China Other Topics

A Global Nuclear Renaissance in 2018?

Nuclear energy faced severe variations, including: the competition from low-priced natural gas, and the growth of demand for distributed renewable energy generation and photovoltaic power generation in specific markets. However,

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IEC appoints SNERDI for the creation of international standard

State Power Investment Corp (SPIC) recently announced that its subsidiary Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research & Design Institute (SNERDI) was appointed by the International Standards *IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) to  lead

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Sinop Nuclear Power Plant ‘Public Participation Meeting’

Electricity Generation Co. subsidiary EUAS International ICC, organized the Sinop Nuclear Power Plant People’s Participation Meeting at Abali village of Sinop. The company technical team made a general presentation to

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Europe and India nuclear cooperation agreement

The peace treaty between the EU and India will soon be signed for cooperation in the field of research and development. The European Union’s Ambassador Tomasz Kozlowski said in a

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Nuclear Education for health and agro-industry in Bolivia

In April 2018, the Master in Nuclear Energy will begin, which will be taught for the first time in Bolivia, in the postgraduate unit of the Faculty of Exact Sciences

Latin America Other Topics

Bolivia promotes use of nuclear energy for agriculture

  The Government intends to achieve the first applications of nuclear energy for the agricultural sector until 2019 through the completion of the Gamma Irradiation Plant that is plan to