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Electricity consumption decreased by 25% in Tunisia

Tunisian Minister of Energy and Mines, Munji Marzouk, confirmed that electricity and gas consumption decreased by 25% due to the decrease in economic activity. Marzouq added that the ministry is

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CIAE-Muon imaging testing technology

The Nuclear Technology Department of China Institute of Atomic Energy(CIAE) has successfully obtained laboratory images for the first time by utilizing cosmic-ray muon imaging technology. As a high-energy ray, the

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Rise in profitability for Ducab, the cables supplier of Barakah NPP

Ducab Group, one of the largest manufacturers in the UAE, has announced a 5% increase in gross profitability in 2019, driven by the rise in key areas of the cable

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Installed capacity of Iranian power plants exceeded 83 thousand MW

The Iranian Minister of Energy Assistant for Electricity and Energy Affairs announced that the capacity of the electric power plants in the country reached 83,350 MW. At the opening ceremony

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The US funds $1 billion in energy projects in Eastern Europe

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has announced that his country will finance energy projects in eastern and central Europe worth $1 billion US; to boost their energy independence against

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Zimbabwe lacks investment into solar fields

Zimbabwe lacks US$8 billion investment into solar fields if the country wants to solve power shortages that have seen most suburbs going for up to 18 hours daily without electricity.Zimbabwe

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Russia’s attention to Argentina

Rosatom officials, Evgenii Safonov, the representative for Latin America, and Sergey Krivolapov, a strategic advisor for the same region, met with the Secretary of Energy Sergio Lanziani. Russian officials expressed

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Minister Mantashe Appoints Necsa Board Members

In accordance with section 16(2) of the Nuclear Energy Act, 46 of 1999, the Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy has appointed seven Board Members to the South African Nuclear

Other countries Other Topics

France decommissions its oldest nuclear power plant

On 22nd February, France started operations to shut down its oldest nuclear power plant in the Fessenheim region, after 43 years of operation. In a statement, the French energy company,