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The engineering professor who got Taiwanese voters to support nuclear power

Article source: Sciencemag   Taiwanese voters have rejected the island’s policy to phase out nuclear energy. In a referendum held by the end of November 59% of voters supported overturning

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The BATAN Experimental Power Reactor Enter the Design Detail Stage

AFTER four years, the Experimental Power Reactor (RDE) development program initiated by the National Nuclear Energy Agency (BATAN) finally entered the stage of detailed design Batan obtained permission from the

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Belarusian NPP will be ready for the importation of nuclear fuel in early 2019

Prime Minister of Belarus, Sergei Rumas, discussed the progress of work at the power plant with Rosatom general director Alexei Likhachev and the importation of nuclear fuel in early 2019.

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West Kalimantan is encouraged to have a nuclear power plant

Katherine Angela Oendoen, member of the House of Representatives Commission VII encouraged the construction of a nuclear power plant in West Kalimantan. “We know there is uranium reserve in this

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Ministerial talks between China and Malta

Mr. Qian Zhimin, chairman of SPIC met with Joe Mizzi, Minister for Energy and Water Management of Malta to promote new energy technology applications

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Facts about Metsamor Nuclear Power Plant in Armenia

The Metsamor NPP is going through safety systems upgrade with Rusatom. US $ 170 million will be spent on improving safety.

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A new reactor for Batan

The National Nuclear Energy Agency (Batan) continues to carry out research on the Experimental Power Reactor (RDE) which can produce electricity with a capacity of 10 MWt or equivalent to

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Hungary energy security is an opportunity for foreign suppliers

The Minister of Foreign Economic Relations and Foreign Affairs of Hungary, Peter Siyarto, called on the EU countries to respect the fact that the national energy balance, security and decisions

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Rosatom began industrial production of nuclear fuel of the future

The first fuel assemblies of mixed oxide uranium-plutonium MOX fuel are produced at Rosatom State Mining Corporation (GCC, Zheleznogorsk, Krasnoyarsk Territory) —, which will be used in the fast neutron