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Russia slashes the cost of nuclear engineering education

The lack of domestic facilities and expertise in emerging countries does not let any alternative than sending the students in overseas program. In the case of Egypt, the government budgeted

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Saudia Arabia, Kuwait and France’s cash for Dabaa Nuclear Power Plant

The House of Representatives chaired by Dr.Ali Abdel Aal approved the reports of the Joint Committee of the Committee of Energy, Environment and offices Committees of Economic Affairs and Arab

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China and Indonesia develop the HTGR

CNEC is actively promoting its HTGR technology to Indonesia and signed recently a cooperation agreement to develop the reactor in Kalimantan

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China Passive hydrogen autocatalytic recombiners enter Russian market

A key piece of equipment developed by the CNNC– Passive hydrogen autocatalytic recombiners has been exported to overseas now and promoted the safety of Chinese nuclear power technology and significant equipment.

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Iran and Russia energy plan

Iran is going to cooperate with Russia in order to build two Nuclear power plants and this is not the first cooperation. On November 2014 the two sides signed an agreement to build the second part of “Bushehr” nuclear power plant in addition to the expansion in the field of the safe use of the nuclear energy.

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The Russian loan stops Dabaa Nuclear power plant

President of Egypt, Abdel Fattah El-Sisi approved last May, the loan agreement with Russia worth $ 25 billion to build four units of 1200 MW in Dabaa. The Ministry of Energy and the Ministry of Finance tackle back and try to stop the loan process and its impact on the economy during the next 13 years.

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Jordan energy crisis turns to the US

The Jordanian government is looking to adopt new technologies with the US, to exploit local resources and diversify its energy mix, including natural gas, nuclear and renewable energy.

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Li Keqiang: China is willing to participate in Armenia nuclear power plant construction projects

During the Euro-Asia Economic Forum Premier Li Keqiang met Armenia Prime Minister Mr. Hovik Abrahamyan in the Great Hall, to express that China is willing to participate in Armenia nuclear

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Russian Government cuts Rosatom funding

The Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev just signed a decree to cut the funding in Rosatom. The cabinet decided to reduce the cash for the development of nuclear power plants and