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Cairo University: a centerpiece in Dabaa power plant

Cairo university organized the first technical meeting with a delegation of universities and research centers from Russia. The focus of the meeting was the cooperation in nuclear engineering with the

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CNNC signs Arak redesign agreement in Vienna

Last April 23rd, the representative of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) and China National Nuclear signed  in Vienna an agreement to redesign Arak plant. The agreement constitutes an

Greater China Marketing & Strategy Middle East

Sino-Turkish economic relations

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan traveled to China to attend the “One Belt One Road” Forum for International Cooperation held in Beijing on May 14-15. The day before the forum, Erdogan

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Let’s heed Jonas’s sentiment and get cracking

In the Budget speech of Minister Pravin Gordhan, he emphasised the need for improved growth. It should be obvious that a finance minister cannot keep allocating money to improved housing,

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China Nuclear Power Development Center

The National Energy Administration of the PRC (NEA) announced the inauguration of the “China Nuclear Power Development Center”, a bureau-level public institution under NEA management.   The Center will mainly

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The US Government will choose the new buyer of Westinghouse

When Westinghouse declared bankruptcy and was stripped from the assets of Toshiba, China did not wonder about its nuclear future and partnership with the USA. The nuclear industry is a

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Thailand will choose China

In June 2015, CGN declared Thailand was carrying out an independent review of the Hualong One reactor technology. In March 2017, China and Thailand signed an agreement to cooperate in

Marketing & Strategy Middle East

Saudi-Jordanian nuclear co-operation

The Jordanian government decided last month, to approve a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to study the economic feasibility of building two reactors with the technology of small integrated units to

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Tüv Nord and Türk Loydu nuclear cooperation

Türk Loydu, was established for ship classification in 1962. It is nowadays working as a national certification body in the Shipbuilding, Ship and Yacht Construction, Energy, Manufacturing, Transportation, Logistics and