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Is Indonesia going for nuclear?

Endowed with the resources of coal, natural gas, and abundant geothermal energy along with other renewable natural resources, the Indonesian nuclear power plant project is likely to face uncertainty. The

India Subcontinent Marketing & Strategy

India : a new jackpot for US companies

U.S. Energy Minister Rick Perry. Declared recently that India is a very good opportunity for US energy products, including clean energy technology. Mr. Perry travelled to India in April this

Latin America Marketing & Strategy

Strategic alliance between Paraguay and Russia

Paraguay and Russia are preparing a major framework agreement that endorses the strategic alliances of both states, called to develop bilateral cooperation, declared the president-elect of Paraguay, Mario Abdo Benitez.

Greater China Marketing & Strategy

What changes will the nuclear power industry face in 2018?

China’s nuclear power industry continues to increase, and it is currently at a stage of strategic development. There are three major changes in nuclear power in 2018: ‘Nuclear Giants’reshaping nuclear

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China rise in Central Europe

On June 4, the first technology exchange meeting between China and Central and Eastern European countries on energy cooperation was held in Beijing. Li Fanrong, deputy director of the National

Greater China Marketing & Strategy Other countries

The energy industry in Central and Eastern Europe expectations with China

The China-Europe Power Market Symposium organized by China Energy Construction Group Co., Ltd. was held in Vilnius, Lithuania. The people of the energy industry in Central and Eastern Europe expressed

Africa Marketing & Strategy

African mining for Russia

The global power politics of Putin is taking a new course – to Africa. He aimed at the resources. Lavrov even declares a new “world order.” There has been so

Latin America Marketing & Strategy

Russia and Paraguay nuclear connexion

Russia plans to build a nuclear research center in Paraguay. Both authorities met in Asunción. According to the statement from the Paraguayan Foreign Ministry, the audience was headed by the

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Southeast Asia Focuses On Russia’s Growing Nuclear Market

By launching the first floating nuclear plant in May 2018, Russia has taken a step ahead of other countries interested in mobile nuclear power plants. With this new type of