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India and Vietnam strengthen cooperation in nuclear energy

India and Vietnam have agreed to strengthen their relationship in defense, security, peaceful use of nuclear energy and the areas of outer space, oil and gas and renewable energy. Last

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Japan recognizes India as a nuclear power

Japan recognizes India as a Nuclear power, although this South Asian country has not signed the non-proliferation treaty. This recognition will allow Japanese companies in such projects as the construction

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India develops heavy water to isolate oxygen-18

The unit of the Department of Atomic Energy (DEA), ‘Heavy Water Board’ has developed the technique to isolate oxygen-18 from the air, which would be cheaper to check cancer in

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India and Argentina finalized ten agreements

On February 18th India and Argentina discussed the diversity of bilateral relations on a wide range of cooperation in the fields of information technology, communications technology, nuclear energy, defense and

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India and France strategic partnership

India and France celebrate the 20th anniversary of their strategic partnership and strengthen a few weeks ago their bilateral strategic partnership through cooperation in the Indo-Pacific region, defense, space and

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A new Director at Madras NPP

M Srinivas took over the charge of “Plant Director” of Madras Atomic Energy Center at Kalpakkam at the end of December. According to an official release, senior scientist M Srinivas

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BHEL market share in India

BHEL manufactured and supplied the complete turbine generator machine and steam generating machines for the Kaga Atomic Power Station (KAPS) of the Indian Atomic Energy Corporation (NPCIL). This ‘pressure-heavy water

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Land Acquisition completed in Jaitapur nuclear project

The land acquisition process for the proposed EPR nuclear power project in Jaitapur, Konkan, Maharashtra has been completed. Energy Minister Chandrashekhar Bawankule has given this information to the Congress. Chandrasekhar

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AERB has a new head

Nageshwar Rao Guntur,an Eminent scientist, has been appointed as the head of the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB) for three years. Mr. Guntur is the President of Project Design Safety