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India-France nuclear project still ongoing

The signing of India-France cooperation on ‘Peaceful use of nuclear energy’ was signed on September 30, 2008. It was mainly for the construction of Jaitapur Nuclear Plant (JNPP). This power

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Russia will build six new units in India

Russia will build six new nuclear units in India. The countries came to such an agreement on October 5 on the margins of the 19th Russian-Indian summit in New Delhi.

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UK-Indian partnership

The United Kingdom and India announced in August new joint ventures in the fields of peaceful nuclear energy and health to enhance cooperation in the fields of scientific research and

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The conventional islands of Jaitapur nuclear project

India is interested in nuclear energy and multiplied international cooperation agreements for the development of its civilian nuclear program, giving France, in particular, possible industrial and economic opportunities. As such,

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India postpones its target in nuclear power generation

Within the next seven years, the government’s goal to triple the nuclear energy goal is not seen to be fulfilled. The central government is indirectly acknowledging that the current capacity

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India spatial project

Indian Space Agency (ISRO) has set an ambitious target to reach the Moon’s south in search of atomic energy. ISRO chief declared that India will launch a rover this month

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Pakistan role in China’s global expansion

Pakistan is the second most populous country in the Islamic world with a population of over 193 million. The elections of federal and state councils in Pakistan were considered crucial

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Bangladesh Signs a Country Programme Framework for 2018–2023

Mahbubul Hoq, Chairman of Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission, and Mr Dazhu Yang, IAEA Deputy Director General and Head of the Department of Technical Cooperation, signed Bangladesh’s Country Programme Framework (CPF)

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IAEA Marks a Decade of Integrated Support to Nuclear Newcomers

Without national commitment and strong leadership, competent institutions, legal and regulatory frameworks and a highly skilled workforce, it is difficult to implement a safe, secure, financially viable and sustainable nuclear