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What if a private enterprise takes the “nuclear express”?

Recently *Wintime Energy Co., Ltd (“WTECL”) signed a cooperation agreement with China General Nuclear Power Group (“CGN”) on domestic nuclear projects and conventional power. Per the agreement, WTECL will invest

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Saudi Arabia Cooperation with China and South Korean Republic

The President of King Abdullah City for Atomic & Renewable Energy Dr. Hashem Abdullah Yamani received in his office H.E. the Chinese Ambassador to the Kingdom Mr. Li Hua Xin. 

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Westinghouse dominance under threat

Due to the ongoing fiascos of the first AP1000 in China, frequent changes of the management, and the financial troubles of the parent company-Toshiba, Westinghouse gradually lost its ground in

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Russia expanded nuclear in China

The liaison office of Rosatom announced that China and Russia will soon draft the related documents of constructing two new units for Tianwan nuclear power projects. Russia and China have

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Hualong expected in Kenya

China Guangdong Nuclear (CGN)  and the Ministry of Kenyan Energy and Petroleum signed in Shenzhen Daya Bay Nuclear Power Base the “China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group Kenya Limited and Kenya Nuclear Electricity Board (KNEB) cooperation memorandum of understanding to develop nuclear

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CGN’s Marine Nuclear Ambition

China’s nuclear heavyweight—China General Nuclear Group(“CGN”) announced in a recent press conference in Shenzhen the purchase of the pressure vessel for its ACPR50S experimental reactor project to Dongfang Electric Co.,

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Made in China: nuclear grade air ejector

Xuanda Industrial Group, a mechanical equipment enterprise in China, announced that he has set up a joint R&D team with Shanghai Nuclear Engineering & Research Institute (SNERDI) and successfully developed

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Sichuan opens up nuclear power sector

Sichuan has become the China’s first province to open its nuclear power sector to private investment. The provincial government is encouraging what it called qualified enterprises to invest in future

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Made in China

Two certifications cover the domestic manufacture (HAF601) and import (HAF604) of nuclear components in China. The fact that the country’s nuclear power plants use foreign technology is not stopping a