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Argentina unusual nuclear agreement with China

Argentine is closing the final section of the agreement with China for the construction of the Atucha III plant, using a Hualong One PWR technology.

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The Arab-China Cooperation Forum

The Arab-China Cooperation Forum targeted energy investment opportunities and challenges faced by China and the Arab countries in five sectors

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US restriction of nuclear sales to China, so what?

The recent US restriction of nuclear sales to China, have no real impact, except in the media

Greater China Safety & Regulation

The establishment of Sino-French nuclear power standards

In order to promote the technical exchanges and cooperation between China and France on nuclear power standards and strengthen the construction of Sino-French nuclear power standards, the National Energy Administration

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Liu Baohua Meets with Deputy Minister of Energy of Ghana

On September 12, Liu Baohua, deputy director of the National Energy Administration, met with William Edo, deputy minister of energy of Ghana in Beijing. The two sides exchanged in-depth views

Business activities & Projects Greater China Latin America Marketing & Strategy

China and Argentina gets to controversial business

The presidential meeting will address the most sensitive issues that interest the communist regime in its penetration policy in Latin America. These include agreements for the construction of a nuclear

Greater China Safety & Regulation

China Draft law on nuclear energy focuses on the international market

“The State will encourage and support the active and orderly participation of its companies in the international market” and encourage the export of nuclear equipment, fuel and services, according to

Business activities & Projects Greater China

Lungmen’s nuclear fuel rods

According to “Joint News Network” of Taiwan, the nuclear fuel rods of Taiwan Lungmen nuclear power Plant* (“Nuclear Factory IV“) were transported away from the plant on July 4 and

Business activities & Projects Greater China

Taikang Insurance Group 1 Billion investment in Hinkley Point

The pace of insurance capital investment in overseas projects has been shrinking since 2017, but Taikang Insurance Group*(“Taikang”)recently disclosed that it plans to invest 1.075 billion UK Sterling (approximately RMB