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Business activities & Projects Greater China Safety & Regulation

Reprocessing plant selection halted in Lianyungang

A planned Sino-French nuclear fuel reprocessing project was stopped by public protests, which indicates Chinese nuclear reprocessing work has a long way to go.

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China Passive hydrogen autocatalytic recombiners enter Russian market

A key piece of equipment developed by the CNNC– Passive hydrogen autocatalytic recombiners has been exported to overseas now and promoted the safety of Chinese nuclear power technology and significant equipment.

Africa Business activities & Projects

Ghana uranium low-enrichment

CIAE and CNNC succeed in critical experiment in the Ghana atomic micro reactor low-enrichment renovation project.
It not only supports international nuclear security, but also has wide applications in different aspects.

Business activities & Projects Middle East

The impact of the regional crisis on Jordan

The Jordanian government faces two major challenges: the energy security and the 1.3 Million Syrian refugees. The Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, Dr. Jawad Anani met a delegation from the US house of representatives to discuss the US support and business opportunities in the country

Business activities & Projects Middle East Other countries

The Russian loan stops Dabaa Nuclear power plant

President of Egypt, Abdel Fattah El-Sisi approved last May, the loan agreement with Russia worth $ 25 billion to build four units of 1200 MW in Dabaa. The Ministry of Energy and the Ministry of Finance tackle back and try to stop the loan process and its impact on the economy during the next 13 years.

Business activities & Projects Middle East

49 % of Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant for sale

49 percent of the shares of Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant, which is the first nuclear power plant project of Turkey, were for sale. Interviews are being made to sale of

Business activities & Projects Middle East

İğneada : Turkey’s third nuclear plant

Turkish Energy Minister Ali Rıza Alaboyun said plans have been made for Turkey’s third nuclear plant and Chinese, Japanese firms and U.S. companies have shown interest in an exclusive interview

Business activities & Projects Middle East

Turkey’s First Nuclear Plant Likely to Go Operational by 2023

The first Turkish nuclear power plant, a Russian designed project, is planned to be brought online in 2022, materials relevant to the Wednesday meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin and

Business activities & Projects Greater China Marketing & Strategy

How the US contributed to the failure of the AP1000 in China

“November 30, 2013, the AP1000 of Sanmen Nuclear Power Plant unit 1 will be commercially operational”. That’s what the management of SNPTC believed when the contract for the introduction of