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How important is Namibia for mining Chinese investment?

CGN Swakop Uranium donated money to Emergency Relief Fund of Namibia to help drought-affected Namibians, and created opportunities to help Namibia to achieve the improvement of local society. CGN is looking to a long-term, win-win, reliable partnership with Namibia in local market.

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Ghana uranium low-enrichment

CIAE and CNNC succeed in critical experiment in the Ghana atomic micro reactor low-enrichment renovation project.
It not only supports international nuclear security, but also has wide applications in different aspects.

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The South African Chamber of Commerce supports nuclear power project

The South African Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SACCI) says it supports the government’s plans to build nuclear power stations as a way off relieving pressure on the national grid.

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China nuclear power industry global expansion

Shen Danyang, Ministry of Commerce answered to the press during a regular press conference led by China Guangdong Nuclear Power (CGN). The main subject was the recent move of CGN

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Nuclear Education in South Africa

In 2014 the South African government revealed a potential nuclear partnership with Russia to build nuclear power plants in the country. One year later, The Department of Energy signed a

Africa Other Topics

Nuclear education in North Africa

Morocco and Tunisia, which also plan to build nuclear power plants signed in 2015 a cooperation agreement in the fields of scientific research for nuclear energy with Egypt. Egyptian Minister

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Nuclear energy in Morocco: The International Atomic Energy Agency on a prospecting mission

Nuclear energy in Morocco: The International Atomic Energy Agency on a prospecting mission in October. During a visit to Nairobi, Kenya, on 24 August, Anne Starz, senior advisor for policy and

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Graduation of 50 nuclear engineers from South Africa in Beijing

During the visit of President Jacob Zuma in China, on December 2014, both countries signed a training agreement to support the human resources in the South African nuclear program. The