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Africa Business activities & Projects

Tunisia largest investment in Renewable Energy

Tunisia’s strategic plan is to invest in renewable energy, in particular in a large solar plant to fulfill the increasing demand for. The Tunisian Ministry of Energy and Mining is

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Tunisia Launches its First Public Auction for Renewable Energy

In November 2017, the Tunisian government will launch its first public auction for renewable energy. The government will put about 70 MW of solar energy and 140 MW of wind

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Saudi-Egyptian Nuclear Cooperation

During the meeting of the Saudi cabinet, led by the King of Saudi Arabia, on Monday 19th June 2017, the agreement of the peaceful use of nuclear power between Saudi

Africa Business activities & Projects

Morocco increases its investment in renewable energy

Morocco is considered the biggest energy importer in North Africa, spending over 3 Billion Dollars on importing fuel and electricity and facing a growing demand on energy rating 6.5% per

Africa Business activities & Projects Marketing & Strategy Middle East

Morocco plans to do dominate Africa’s energy market

As Africa is facing challenges in the energy sector and infrastructure issues, Morocco is ready to become a main partner to all African countries.   The Moroccan experience in the

Africa Marketing & Strategy Middle East

Algeria Represents its Energy Policies in the International Energy Conference

The Algerian Energy Minister, Mr. Mustafa Qaitoni, represented the Algerian policy regarding energy production during the 22nd International Energy Conference in Istanbul. Mr. Qaitoni said that the government is following

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Rosatom prospects in Africa

ROSATOM recently participated in the Power-Gen Africa, where it exhibited and presented its latest nuclear and renewable technologies. The conference gathered more than 3000 attendees from the local and international

Africa Business activities & Projects Middle East

Morocco Ranked 2nd in Generating Wind Energy

Based on a study conducted by “MAKE Consulting,” a Denmark based office; Morocco ranked the second in Africa and the Middle East in wind energy generation.   The office analyzed

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Algeria’s Energy Strategy

Professor Al Majeed Barqooq has said in Algerian energy economic plan consists mainly of aims to exploit renewable energy resources, especially solar energy. The country’s goal is represented in “Afaq