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Africa Safety & Regulation

Algeria appoints a new chairman at the Electricity and Gas Regulation Commission

Mr. Rachedi Menadi was appointed chairman of the Electricity and Gas Regulation Commission (CREG) to replace Mr. Abdelaali Badache. The Minister of Energy, Abdelmadjid Attar, who appointed the new president

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Nigeria and Israel cooperate in Methanol Fuel Technology

The Israeli Ambassador to Nigeria, Shimon Ben Shoshan, met the Minister of Science and Technology, Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu, in Abuja. Nigeria and Israel are set to sign a bilateral agreement

Africa Safety & Regulation

Togo votes the nuclear Law

On June 4, the Togolese deputies voted a law relating to the safe, secure, and peaceful use of nuclear energy. During the vote on the nuclear law, Chantal Yawa Tségan,

Africa Marketing & Strategy Middle East

Renewable energy to counteract the impacts of Coronavirus in Africa

The Minister of Climate Change and Environment in the UAE, “Thani Bin Ahmed Al-Zyoudi”, affirmed that his country strongly supports the efforts to transition to renewable energy in the African

Africa Marketing & Strategy

Russia promotes Small Modular Nuclear in Africa

Rosatom proposed that Nigeria and other African countries adopt the use of Small Modular Nuclear Reactors (SMR) to address the perennial power shortage that they face. The Acting Chief Executive

Africa Business activities & Projects

New nuclear power plant to boost South Africa’s electricity

South Africa has announced the preparation of a plan to produce an additional 2,500 MW of electricity using nuclear energy over the next five years. The Ministry of Mineral Resources

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Uranium mining is contracting in Namibia

The Bank of Namibia’s Economic Outlook Update indicated recently that uranium mining is contracting during 2020, followed by a mild recovery in 2021. “The uranium mining sector is continuously declining

Africa Business activities & Projects

The Most Significant Energy Projects in Africa

One of the most significant energy projects in Africa, with a total cost of around 786 billion CFA francs (USD 1,3 billion), took a decisive step, with the signing, on

Africa Business activities & Projects

Ethiopia is preparing for the construction of a nuclear power plant

Ethiopia is carrying out preparatory work for the construction of a nuclear power plant (NPP) in the country. The Ethiopian Minister of Innovation and Technology, Getahun Mekuriya Kuma, stated that