CAP1400 starts construction

CAP1400 starts construction


  • Release Date: January 18, 2017

On January 17, the National Development and Reform Commission released the news that the “Energy Development <13th Five-Year Plan> “has been officially printed and distributed to all related units. This plan set up a general objective: by 2020 the installed capacity of the operational nuclear power plants is planned to reach 5800MW, while those under construction above 3000MW.

The Plan proposed to develop the nuclear power in a safe and effective manner. On the premise of adopting both the international and domestic highest safety standards, China will start first with the construction of the advanced Gen-III EPR projects in the coastal areas. Meanwhile, China shall speed up the steps to integrate different types of reactors and to gradually focus on only one main reactor in order to solve the problems of the current confusion in the nuclear market. Regarding the inland nuclear, the Plan points that China will at this moment pay more attention only to the site protection and the preliminary feasibility demonstration.

What is worth to note in this Plan is that China will start the construction of CAP1400 demonstration project and decide to establish the High temperature gas cooled reactors during the “13th Five-year Plan”.

As for the reprocessing plant, the Plan mentioned that China will accelerate the feasibility demonstration process and push forward the construction of the large commercial spent fuel reprocessing plants.

In addition, according to the Plan, China will in good time start the program of the intelligent small-sized reactor, the commercial fast reactor and the 60MW HTGR as well as the other self-developed innovative demonstration projects.

With regard to the nuclear talents building, the Plan emphasizes that in future China will enhance the training and education of the nuclear safety supervision personnel, the nuclear power plant operation personnel and the design and construction and the management personnel. Besides, the channels to cultivate the nuclear professionals shall be much more broad and various.



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