CAP1400 reactor safety rating reaches level 6

On January 4th, DET NORSKE VERITAS (DNVGL) officially determined that the international safety rating of  “Guohe No.1” (CAP1400) demonstration project reached 6.0, achieving the goal of international benchmarking in 2018.

From December 16 to December 21, 2018, DNVGL conducted a 2018 international benchmark year-end review of the CAP1400 demonstration project. In order to ensure the achievement of the target in 2018, SNPEC arranged and guided the project safety management and international benchmarking work.

The elements of management increased by 7.38% compared to the previous assessment, and the points of on-site inspection increased by 2.52% compared to the previous assessment.


NβN tip: In order to promote the « Nuclear going out strategy », China is more and more focused on the values of the international nuclear standards.

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