Cairo University: a centerpiece in Dabaa power plant

Cairo University: a centerpiece in Dabaa power plant


  • Release Date: March 20, 2017

Cairo university organized the first technical meeting with a delegation of universities and research centers from Russia. The focus of the meeting was the cooperation in nuclear engineering with the college if engineering of the university

Dr. Amr Adly – Vice president of the university for postgraduate and researches affairs, Dr. Sayed Tag Addien – Dean of the college of engineering, and a group of professional professors at the college of Engineering and Science attended the meeting.

Dr. Amr Adly welcomed the Russian delegation to Egypt and stressed the importance of collaboration between both countries in the nuclear energy field and  the training of human resources  for the new Dabaa power plant.

Dr. Sayed Tag Addien declared the university is looking forward to collaborating with the Russian side in several other fields, and the importance of the exchange with Russian scientists.

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