“Butterfly effect” of Nuclear Industry

“Butterfly effect” of Nuclear Industry


  • Release Date: January 12, 2017

A recent Board Meeting of Haiyan Nuclear Associated Industry Alliance held in Zhejiang Province disclosed that the Haiyan Alliance has totally 66 members, which create the output value of 23billion yuan in 2016, among which, the values brought by the nuclear related sales and service has maintained a steady growth from 2013 to 2015 with the amount of 418 million yuan, 643 million yuan and 852 million yuan.

The Nuclear Emergency Office of Haiyan announced that the nuclear associated industries are committed to getting connected with the nuclear and introduced the nuclear safety cultural concept to continuously promote the transformation and upgrade of their products and service. They are making efforts to take the advantage of the nuclear development in their local regions to drive their corporate products become strong and powerful. Now the nuclear associated industries have become an important role in the economy of Haiyan in Jiangsu Province.

As the public source shows, Haiyan has the Qinshan nuclear base with China’s largest installation capacity. It has formed rapidly-developed nuclear service industry network, which is its exclusive advantages in the regional economy. For example, in Haiyan it has more than 30 backbone nuclear related companies including  the China Nuclear Operation and Management Company, the CNNC Machinery Company, the CNNC Inspection& Maintenance, Areva(China, and Qinshan Branch of CNEIC, which enables Haiyan to provide service to the nuclear industry nationwide.

Moreover, Haiyan’s geographical advantage is also a noteworthy factor to promote the development of the nuclear associated industry alliance. Haiyan is located in the intersection of China’s main coastline and the T-type development zone of the inland rivers. It would be the future center of China’s nuclear fleet. Besides, it has rich talents resources as it enjoys the city center position of Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Suzhou.

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