Business Development

Business Development


Dynatom was created to handle business opportunities which challenge the emerging nuclear power and nuclear medicine.

Today’s fast-paced environment has lead Dynatom’s management to believe customized solutions are the key to being successful for global businesses. In regard to the nuclear industry, which is tightly controlled by state regulators, Dynatom’s combined expertise in government lobbying and market knowledge allows us to:

  • Plan low cost entry and exit strategies for newcomers.
  • Set-up strategies to expand market share.
  • Use new media to guide brand awareness.
  • Implement a merger and acquisition approach.
  • Execute innovation strategies.
  • Manage cost structures.


Dynatom provides a variety of services and media tools to help manufacturers succeed in the emerging nuclear markets. Our promotion platform, based on different media tools, includes advertising, interviews, technical documents and dedicated communication to support your business and guide the end user, to increase your brand awareness.

For new comers in the industry, we offer the ARC™platform, which starts as low as 2,500 Euros, and no more than 30,000 Euros.

This service allows your company:

  • To assess your expectations and capabilities in the energy market, in particular the nuclear power market, from face to face meeting and our in-house assessment software.
  • to reach several foreign partners and to benefit from their experience, market portfolio, and transfer of technology;
  • to connect your business with global EPC, operators and any other buyer.


  • Dynatom brings valuable expertise to effectively manage growth. These stalls prevent firms from falling into the “growth trap”, and thus allow them to succeed in their expansion objectives.
  • Dynatom offers valuable market intelligence in the design of business strategy, management stalls to enhance workforce capacity, and valuable back office services.