Building Nuclear Competencies in Paraguay

Building Nuclear Competencies in Paraguay

The Radiological and Nuclear Regulatory Authority (ARRN) participated in the Regional Workshop on Building Competence within a National Strategy for Safety Education held in Panama City, Panama, last December.

The purpose of the workshop was:

  • Clarify the different functions and duties of the personnel with responsibilities in radiological protection and safety (Radiation Protection Officer and qualified expert);
  • Discuss how radiation protection officers and qualified experts are an integral part of an effective and sustainable radiation safety and regulatory infrastructure;
  • Share the experiences of the Member States in the development and establishment of qualification requirements for Radiation Protection Officers and Qualified Experts;
  • Summarize the needs of the Member States for the educational training of the Radiation Protection Officers and the Qualified Experts and how these needs are reflected in the National Strategy for education and training;
  • Assist Member States in the development of the policy for the establishment of the National Strategy for education and training in radiation, transport and waste safety;
  • Collect the preliminary data necessary to implement the National Strategy;
  • Perform an exercise of analysis of educational and training needs from the data collected.

The Conference was organized by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Mr. Richard Florentín, Director of Licensing, participated on behalf of the ARRN.

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