BHEL market share in India

BHEL market share in India

BHEL manufactured and supplied the complete turbine generator machine and steam generating machines for the Kaga Atomic Power Station (KAPS) of the Indian Atomic Energy Corporation (NPCIL).

This ‘pressure-heavy water reactor’ (PHWR) has been operating continuously for the longest period in the entire world. This unit is continuously producing power since May 13, 2016, while the previous record was detained by Pickering Nuclear Generating Station (PNGS) in Canada (894 days).

In the first phase of the country’s nuclear energy program, 18 PHWRs are in operation. BHEL-supplied steam turbine generator set to 12 of them, which indicates a 74 percent share in total nuclear power generation (10 units of 220-220 MW and two units of 540 MW).

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