Benban solar station begins distribution of electricity

Benban solar station begins distribution of electricity

On April 3, Eng. Sabah Mashali, President of the Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company, signed a contract to secure and discharge the capacities of the solar power plant in Benban on 500 kilovolts, with El Sewedy Electric Co. T&D.

The contract is valued at LE 1.7 billion or US $ 100 million, which is financed by the Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company’s own resources, with a period of up to six months. This comes in parallel with the completion of the entry of the full capacity of the solar station of Benban in Aswan for service.

Mashali explained that the contract includes the construction of the electrical line (Naga Hamadi Industrial – Bnban (S3) solar) with a length of about 195 km; in order to discharge the power generated from the solar power complex in Benban on a voltage of 500 kV.

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