Bangladesh invests 3.3 billion in Iswardi railway project

Bangladesh invests 3.3 billion in Iswardi railway project

The government just approved to develop railway track, which will connect the Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant and two seaports. The railway track project cost has been estimated to Bangladeshi Taka 3.3 billion (USD 42, Million). This railway track will be used for carrying project’s equipment and raw material to the site at Iswardi.

Bangladesh Railways (BR) will establish the rail network with the Rooppur Nuclear Power Plan. It is estimated than 10 km and more of rail tracks will be needed to from Iswardi bypass station (district of Pabna, in the division of Rajshahi) to the project site through Hardinge Bridge (The bridge was opened in 1915, and is 1.8 Km long).

Hardinge Bridge It is the second largest railway bridge in the country, another bridge named Lalon Shah Bridge for road transport beside the Hardinge Bridge has recently been constructed.

BR is controlled by the Directorate General of Bangladesh Railway under the Ministry of Railways along with Bangladesh Railway Authority (BRA) and which works for policy guidance of BR.

Note: Russia will develop two nuclear plants at Rooppur 200 km northwest Dhaka at Paksey in Iswardi. Two units are planned to be operational at 2023 and 2024 and both units will generate 2400 MW electricity altogether.

The country’s first nuclear power plant at Rooppur will cost 16.5 billion US$. The Bangladeshi government will get 90% of the funds from Russian government as loan.

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