Bahrain’s First Renewable Energy Exhibition and Forum

Bahrain’s First Renewable Energy Exhibition and Forum


  • Release Date: July 20, 2017

 Bahrain is currently organizing its first renewable energy forum and exhibition. The exhibition’s goes under the title “Solar Technology and Environment in Bahrain (STEEP 2017)” and will be in parallel with the first Bahraini International Forum for Renewable Energy and the Efficient Use of Energy. The exhibition and forum will be held in Bahrain International Exhibition Center between 17th-19th September 2017.


This event is organized by the Ministry of Electricity and Water Affairs and the company AGE.


AGE’s CEO, Ameera Al Hasan stated that the event is part of the 2030 economic plan of the Kingdom of Bahrain and that it is considered a turning point in investments, especially that the Gulf Countries are going through rough economic time. She added that the exhibition and forum are excellent opportunities for companies that are active in energy, renewable energy, and environmental energy sectors. The exhibition will gather the companies that are looking for investing on the displayed business opportunities with stakeholders, creating more commercial cooperation.


The investment forum will consist of three parts:


The first part is for biggest companies’ CEOs, universities, and associations to introduce their latest achievements and future projects in the energy sector.


The second part consists of a showroom where international companies will display their latest advanced equipment and devices used in the energy sector.


The third and the most important part will be B2B matchmaking and agreements during three days.

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