Bahrain aims to reach 15% renewable energy in the energy matrix

Bahrain aims to reach 15% renewable energy in the energy matrix

The head of the Sustainable Energy Authority in Bahrain revealed that the cost of solar and wind energy in the Kingdom decreased by 70% – 80%, compared to the past five years.

Abdul Hussain bin Ali Mirza emphasized that the Kingdom would work in the future to diversify energy sources with a mixture of fossil and renewable energy. He explained that the government will benefit from the savings in the quantities of gas that is currently used 100% to generate electricity.

With the use of solar and wind energy, the need to use the gas will decrease, and it will be provided for strategic projects such as petrochemical projects.

He noted that the national goal to raise energy efficiency is to achieve 6% by 2025, achieve a renewable energy mix of 5% by 2025, and raise the percentage to 15% by 2035.

Mirza said that the Sustainable Energy Authority is working to attract companies working in the field of sustainable energy, and several regional and international companies interested in investing in renewable energy are being received.

He pointed out that the authority has trained, for free, more than 250 people to install solar energy systems, in order to be eligible to do this work as part of safety and environmental protection factors.

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