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SMR pilot project is scheduled for December 2019

Hainan Changjiang multi-purpose modular small reactor demonstration project plans to build an ACP100 nuclear power unit and its supporting auxiliary facilities, with a planned capacity of 125MW and a reactor

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ICBC proceeded with loan to Turkey

Affected by the deterioration of the relationship between Turkey and the United States, the Turkish lira fell sharply against the US dollar. On August 17, when asked about the recent

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The nuclear projects that may mostly be approved

Which nuclear power projects will be lucky enough to be selected for the approved projects in 2019? There are several forecasts as below: Option one SNPTC CAP1400 Demonstration Project Unit

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CGN increases Mica Tape business capacity

CGN Nuclear Technology Development Co., Ltd, (CGNTD) announced that it has invested 106.7 million yuan, with its wholly-owned subsidiary * CGN Dasheng Accelerator Technology Co., Ltd. as the main investment

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CNNC cooperation with China’s universities

In a very short period, CNNC signed a series of deep strategic cooperation agreements respectively with Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Xi’an Jiaotong University and Harbin Engineering University, aiming at

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The regulation changes of China’s NEA

Compared with 2017 mid-year work conference of China National Energy Administration (NEA), it can be found that in many energy management fields, the policy and management keynote has been adjusted.

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Equipment Procurement of Zhangzhou nuclear power plant

At the end of last year, the comprehensive mobilization meeting and project start-up meeting of the equipment procurement for Zhangzhou nuclear power plant was held in Fujian Province. This project

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HUAWEI and the nuclear!

CGN, (China’s largest state-owned nuclear power enterprise), and Huawei, (China’s largest information and communication technology supplier), jointly held a brand cross-border technical exchange meeting at Daya Bay base. CGN spokesman,

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Tianwan Unit 4 on schedule

Alexey Likhachev, general manager of Rosatom, told reporters that Tianwan Unit 4, jointly implemented by Jiangsu Nuclear Power Company and Russian Atomstroyexport, should start generating electricity by March 2019 as