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Business activities & Projects Greater China

HTGR is likely to be put into operation this year

Shidaowan HTGR project is expected to finish construction and put in operation by end of 2020. It plans an installed capacity of 200000KW with the total investment of 9.23billion yuan.

Greater China Supply chain & Procurement

China’s Nuclear Fuel Production back on track

CNNC Northern HWR nuclear fuel element production line is currently the only CANDU-6 nuclear fuel element production line in China. According to the unified deployment of CNNC and China Nuclear

Greater China Other Topics Technology

CIAE-Muon imaging testing technology

The Nuclear Technology Department of China Institute of Atomic Energy(CIAE) has successfully obtained laboratory images for the first time by utilizing cosmic-ray muon imaging technology. As a high-energy ray, the

Greater China Supply chain & Procurement Technology

China Montague uranium base continues high output

The Montague uranium deposit, located at the foot of the Wusun Mountain along the Tianshan Mountains of Xinjiang District, in southwest of China, is a large base of green uranium

Greater China Supply chain & Procurement Technology

Exporting China-made cobalt-60

On February 15th, CNNC-China Isotope & Radiation Corporation (CIRC)shipped 500,000 Curie domestic CN-101 cobalt 60 from Shanghai Ocean Port to Thailand. This is the second time that China’s cobalt source

Business activities & Projects Greater China Safety & Regulation

CNNC push forward Xudapu nuclear power project

After 5 months of joint efforts from relevant departments such as Liaoning Nuclear Power and the Provincial Department of Eco-Environment of Liaoning Province, on February 20, the current scheme for

Greater China Marketing & Strategy Technology

CNNC promotes proton cyclotron program

CNNC’s “Proton Therapy 230MeV Superconducting Cyclotron”project has completed equipment installation and testing at China Institute of Atomic Energy, and began to enter the third stage of on-site installation and commissioning–high-frequency

Business activities & Projects Greater China Safety & Regulation

Shidaowan gets approved to set restricted area

The People’s Government of Shandong Province recently issued a positive reply on setting up a restricted zone for the demonstration project of Shidaowan NPP which installs high-temperature gas-cooled reactor. In

Greater China Marketing & Strategy

Tianwan 3 & 4 included in 2020 major investment plan

Jiangsu Provincial Commission of Development and Reform released the “Investment Plan for Major Projects of Jiangsu Province in 2020”, which arranged 240 major projects in the province, including 220 implementation