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Sichuan opens up nuclear power sector

Sichuan has become the China’s first province to open its nuclear power sector to private investment. The provincial government is encouraging what it called qualified enterprises to invest in future

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Rosatom reprocessing activities

After the UK, France and Japan, Rosatom enters in the closed club of the nuclear fuel reprocessing. In 2014, the Mayak Production Association in Ozersk made public the operation of

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Launch of a Virtual Reality Engineering Application Lab in Shenzhen

In the middle of October, China Nuclear Power Engineering Company (CNPEC, a subsidiary of China General Nuclear Corp.) launched a Virtual Reality Engineering Application Lab in Shenzhen to introduce the

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Sino-Russian Nuclear Medicine Cooperation

The Sino-Russian Nuclear Medicine Cooperation has a broad future. In early 2016, Russia succeeded in a treatment test which eliminates the cancer by using the nuclear medicine. Nuclear Medicine, by

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New projects approved for 88 GW by 2020

On September 19, the National Energy Administration published the China Nuclear Power Regulations draft, publicly available for “soliciting public opinions” after 8 years of discussions and revisions. This stage confirms

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CNEC sits on a ton of cash

China Nuclear Engineering Corporation (CNEC) recently announced the total value of its newly signed nuclear contracts this year from January to September : 11.70 billion RMB (USD 1.73 Billion), growing

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Is China able to export its nuclear expertise?

While A team of 14 experts from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) conducted in September a peer review, an Integrated Regulatory Review Service (IRRS) mission, during ten days, the

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Who is China Next NPP utility?

The Chinese nuclear power market has three licensed nuclear plant operators-CNNC, CGN, and SPIC. All of them are able to hold the controlling stake in a nuclear power project. Other

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Shandong takes the lead

The Chinese nuclear Authority points out there are no green light for inland nuclear projects, and nuclear plant sites in coastal areas became hard-to-get. The lack of appropriate NPP site