Argentina sells three nuclear medicine centers to Bolivia

Argentina sells three nuclear medicine centers to Bolivia

The president of the Pluriannual State of Bolivia, Evo Morales, confirmed to Mauricio Macri the purchase of Argentine technology, developed by Invap, to build three nuclear medicine centers. This declaration ratifies the agreement signed in February 2018 with Invap, in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, for the “turnkey” provision of three nuclear medicine and radiotherapy centers in Bolivia for 150 millions of dollars.

Invap already builds these centers that are located in the Bolivian cities of El Alto, La Paz and Santa Cruz de la Sierra and according to the original contract has a term of work by 2020.

The Bolivian president announced the construction of nuclear medicine centers as part of Bolivia’s decision to “acquire Argentine technology” although he omitted that these centers are already under construction and the agreement is not his current official visit, but that was reflected a year ago with the management of Invap.

The contract includes the detailed design of the centers, their construction, and equipment, the start-up, the training of human resources, the local advice of professionals for the start of the activities, the remote support and the consultancy for sustainable management.

Invap developed the modern Intecnus nuclear medicine and radiotherapy center in Bariloche, which began operating in January 2018 and last March completed the services with the authorization of the nuclear medicine service.

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