Another Nuclear heating reactor sited in Hebei Province China

Another Nuclear heating reactor sited in Hebei Province China

From February 13th to 16th, the site selection report of Low-temperature nuclear heating reactor project planned in Hebei Wu’an and independently developed by Tus NuclearXTech Company has passed review, which laid the foundation for the final establishment of the project.

On March 14, 2019, the nuclear heating reactor project was officially launched under a cooperation framework agreement between Tus NuclearXTech and Wu’an Municipal Government. The project covers an area of ​​200 acres and would feature low-temperature pool-type reactor technology to build a 400 MW thermal pool reactor and its supporting facilities.

It will become the infrastructure of the nuclear technology application industrial park with the total investment of about 3.5 billion yuan. The industrial park will leverage pool reactors to develop multiple applications of nuclear energy technology, such as isotope production, agricultural breeding and inactivation, industrial material modification and color change, semiconductor irradiation, and boron-capture medical industry and food industry sterilization and so on. The waste heat generated by the pool-type reactor can support winter heating and can provide heat source for about 200,000 households with a building area of ​​16 million square meters.

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