Angola and Russia Agreement Reinforces Gas Supply

Angola and Russia Agreement Reinforces Gas Supply

The minister of Mineral Resources and Oil, Diamantino Azevedo, announced that Angola and Russia signed a private business agreement on gas supply during the Russia – Africa Business Forum in Sochi.

Besides the private business agreement, Angola and Russia signed essential documents in other sectors, including military cooperation. Russia is one of the most strategic partners of Angola in the military domain, and the Angolan authorities expect to strengthen the military and technical assistance Russia. The cooperation extended to other sectors, such as the mining industry.

Russia is present in the diamond exploitation project known as Catoca Mining Society (in the eastern Luanda Sul Province), the world’s 4th largest kimberlite in open-air. Russia is responsible for the prospecting of more than 60 percent of the Angolan diamond.

The Russian government and businessperson are also present in the financial sector, mainly through the VTB Africa Bank, and cooperate in the education field as well.

Currently, around 1,800 Angolans are studying in the Russian Federation, in technical and professional areas, such as construction, engineering, education, medicine.

In the first visit that the Angolan Head of State made to Russia, in April this year, the Angolan President stressed the willingness to continue having cooperation, openness and availability from Russia so that the Angolan youth can attend the best Russian educational institutions, including the military schools.

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