Analysis of Russia-Turkey relations

Analysis of Russia-Turkey relations

Russia-Turkey relations have recently developed in both the economic and military areas with the negotiations for sales of the S-400 fleets to Turkey while joint energetic projects such as Turkish Stream to transport Russian natural gas through Turkey to Southern Europe and Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant develop commercial relations.

Turkey is one of Russia’s most important foreign trade partners. By the end of 2013, Turkey’s share in Russia’s foreign trade is % 3.9. Russia is also among the key export markets for Turkey. The investment cooperation of the parties is actively developing.

According to data from the Central Bank of Russia, the amount of direct investments made in Russia from Turkey reached 292 million USD in 2015, while investments from Russia to Turkey reached 1,475 billion USD.

Until today, Russian investments in Turkey were much in SMEs of the service sector but now they are being made in sectors such as mobile connection, fuel-energy, metallurgy, nuclear energy, automobile industry and banking.

Turkish investments in Russia are concentrated mainly in sectors such as textile, food, chemical, forest products, electricity industry, construction material production, automobile industry and spare parts production, service, trade, tourism and banking.

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