Amendment to the future nuclear power plant in Brazil

Amendment to the future nuclear power plant in Brazil

The Brazilian deputies are considering drafting a Constitutional Amendment Bill (PEC) that makes it mandatory to call a plebiscite before any nuclear power plant can be installed in the state. The measure was announced on recently after studies by the Ministry of Mines and Energy considered a possible plant installation in Itacuruba, in the Sertão do São Francisco Pernambucano. Deputies, experts and the Archdiocese of Olinda and Recife attended a meeting in which they opposed the installation of the plant.

According to the government leader in the state Legislative Assembly, Isaltino Nascimento (PSB), the idea of ​​the PEC is also to prevent article 216 of the State Constitution, which prohibits the establishment of plants, from being relaxed in the future.  It is possible to allow the installation through an amendment, but the governor Paul Hall (PSB), would have no interest in it.

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