Al-Azhar University in Egypt international scientific conference

Al-Azhar University in Egypt international scientific conference

Al-Azhar University ( Nasr City) has received a number of research and scientific papers to participate in the First International Scientific Conference on Environment and Sustainable Development and Community Service under the theme “Energy: right and responsibility”, to be held under the patronage of the Prime Minister Sherif Ismail, Dr. Ahmed Al-Tayeb Al-Azhar and headed by Dr. Ibrahim Salah Hodhod, president of the university.

The conference was held from March 12 to 14 under the supervision and regulation of the Commission of community service and environmental development at the university.

The conference was attended by several ministries, government agencies and decision-makers, policy makers, industry leaders, investors and experts in addition to a large number of researchers, regional and international companies operating in the field of energy (conventional and renewable) and the press.

The conference was held in order to discover and overcome the challenges and opportunities arising from the energy of all kinds and different patterns in the Middle East. Our goal is to expand horizons for studies and research, green energy companies, thus represents a global platform for all participating countries and all professionals and people with influence in the industrial and public sectors. Furthermore, the results of this event aim to create new employment opportunities and thereby growth of local expertise

The Head of Al-Azhar University  added that “the conference also seeks to achieve several objectives, including: – a commitment to develop the landscape of energy in Egypt (conventional and  renewable) and the exchange of experience and knowledge to keep up with modern technologies in the clean energy field. We encourage partnerships between relevant sectors to identify opportunities that will be translated into innovations and successful investments in the energy sector as well as the development of energy efficiency, scientific research, as well as the optimal use of nuclear energy in Egypt.

We support the cooperation between Egypt and foreign countries, especially African countries, to ensure the access to affordable and modern energy services. We want to promote international cooperation in order to facilitate access to clean energy technology research, and to keep up with our international goals for a sustainable development, in the framework of  “Egypt’s vision of energy in 2030”.

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