Akkuyu’s impact on the domestic supply chain

Akkuyu’s impact on the domestic supply chain

Prof. Dr. Gürkan Kumbaroglu, the president of Energy Economics Association evaluates the reception of production licence of Turkey’s first nuclear power plant project Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant by Akkuyu Nuclear Inc., as a critical psychological threshold, an acceleration of business and as a “doping effect” for the domestic economy.

Kumbaroglu explained that according to the inter-governmental agreement signed with Russia in 2010, Turkish companies will be employed in large scale for the supply of goods, the employment of services and the construction phases related to the nuclear power plant. $ 8 billion of 20 billion dollars expected cost of the nuclear power plant will be covered by Turkish companies.

There is a great market for companies of the supply chain that operate at international standards and meet the specifications and safety requirements of nuclear power plant projects.

Kumbaroglu said that the capacity that will be created for nuclear power plants will lead the development of high value-added advanced technology industries such as space, aviation and defense.

However, it is also important to note that it is of great importance that the regulatory authority is independent of the political authority and regulated and supervised organization in the decision-making process.

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