Agreement Argentina-Canada to develop nuclear energy

Agreement Argentina-Canada to develop nuclear energy

The energy ministers of Argentina and Canada, Juan José Aranguren and James Gordon Carr, signed three memoranda of understanding on energy efficiency, policies in the mining sector and cooperation in nuclear energy. In addition, they agreed to phase out inefficient subsidies for fossil fuels.

The agreement was prepared and signed within the framework of the meeting of the G20 Energy Transitions working group that takes place in Argentina.

The memorandums seek that both countries “seek energy efficiency as a mechanism to reduce electricity consumption and the cost of energy, and to achieve their objectives related to climate change,” the official document states.

“The two countries share their commitment to the sustainable development of mineral resources, which will boost economic growth and environmental leadership. Likewise, they will continue working on the creation of a bilateral system of collaboration in nuclear energy projects, research and development, and policies aimed at promoting the sustainable development of nuclear energy, “the text adds.

The G20 Energy Ministers Meeting emphasized the transition to more flexible, transparent and clean energy systems, as well as affordable access to energy.

The activities carried out during the ministerial meeting are in addition to the proposal of the Canadian presidency of the G7 to work together on climate change, oceans and the production of clean energy.

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