Agenda of Russia-Turkey energy projects

Agenda of Russia-Turkey energy projects


  • Release Date: June 23, 2017

On June 23, 2017, Russian President Putin called Turkish President Erdogan from the pipe-making ship “Pioneering Spirit”, which is currently laying the Turkish Stream pipeline. Leaders mentioned the projects of the Turkish Current Project and Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant.

Erdogan pointed the importance, politically and economically of these projects for Turkey.

These energy projects, especially the natural gas projects, between the Russia and Turkey will guarantee the energy supply for nearly 30 years.

President Erdogan declared that Turkey is comitted to develop its strategical and economical partnership with Russia, and extend more activities in other infrastructure areas: “Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant and Turkish Stream which are large-scale projects and expected to be completed in the near future. This will consolidate the friendship between our both countries.”

The Turkish Stream will transfer Russian natural gas that is already coming to Turkey via the West Line and the Blue Stream Line will be directly linked to Turkey. The drill with a depth of 2,200 meters will be first in the world.

President Putin declared that a first line within the scope of the project will be completed next year and the second line will be completed in 2019. Russia will be ready to supply natural gas to eastern and southeastern Europe via Turkey.

In June, the consortium formed by the Turkish private sector has been bought 49% of Akkuyu NPP’S shares under the IX. International Nuclear Energy Forum ATOMEXPO.


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