Adding new 2,250 MW to the Iraqi grid soon

Adding new 2,250 MW to the Iraqi grid soon

The Iraqi Ministry of Electricity announced that the Rumaila investment power plant will be completed soon, in addition to progressing with advanced stages at the implementation of the Dhi Qar power plant project. Thus, the two projects will contribute and additional 2250 MW to the national electricity system.

Spokesman for the Ministry of Electricity, Ahmed Al-Abadi, stated that: “The General Company for the Production of Electricity in the Southern Region and the contractors of the Rumaila Gas Power Plant are continuing their work in implementing the Rumaila combined power plant, consisting of two units with a capacity of 750 MW each.”

He added: “The completion rate in this project has now exceeded 50%, as civil engineering work that includes pouring concrete bases and steel structures have begun.”

Al-Abadi explained that the project completion period is estimated at 36 months, according to the contract between the Ministry and the implementing company.

He added that: “The technical and engineering staff of the Dhi Qar power plant project, in coordination with the American company, General Electric, continue to implement technical and engineering works reaching them to advanced stages.” He explained that the completion of this station will contribute to supplying the grid with 750 MW on two stages; 500 MW in the first stage, and 250 in the second.

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