Action Plan in the field of nuclear energy between Russia and India

Action Plan in the field of nuclear energy between Russia and India

On the sidelines of the XIX Russian-Indian summit in New Delhi, a document was signed between Russia and India on cooperation in new projects in the field of nuclear energy.

The document “Action Plan for prioritization and implementation of areas of cooperation in the field of nuclear energy” was signed by the Director General of Rosatom State Corporation Alexei Likhachev and Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission of India Kamlesh Vyas on October 5th.

The parties intend, in particular, to develop the project to build six nuclear power units of a Russian design NPP in India at a new site, to expand cooperation in third countries and cooperation in new promising areas in nuclear energy besides the construction of nuclear power plants.

According to the document, for the new-site NPP project, the Russian side will offer the reference evolutionary design of the VVER generation “3+” and intends to increase the localization level in India.

“We are satisfied with our strategic cooperation with India, where the construction of Kudankulam NPP units for Russian design is currently underway. We are counting on receiving in the near future an order for the same serial construction of our units at a new site in India. This will significantly expand the localization of production of equipment for nuclear power plants in the framework of the policy “Made in India”, as well as optimize the timing and cost of project implementation. In addition, India is a reliable partner for us, with whom we are already implementing projects in third countries and we plan to expand this cooperation, ”said Alexei Likhachev.

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