Achieving progress in Arak reactor modernization

Achieving progress in Arak reactor modernization

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, Sergey Ryabkov, stated that work to modernize and upgrade the nuclear reactor in Arak is making progress.

“UK and China, as co-chairs of the relevant working group, have been informed of the progress of work on the modernization of the heavy water reactor in Arak, the progress there is not only in speech and propaganda, but also in material terms. We, of course, welcomed and supported that,” Ryabkov said.

On January 14th, foreign ministers of Germany, Britain and France announced, in a joint statement, the launch of a dispute settlement mechanism in the nuclear agreement with Iran, due to Iran’s failure to honor its obligations under the agreement. Under the mechanism outlined in paragraph 36, if Iran believes that one of the parties to the nuclear deal or all other parties has breached its obligations in the JCPOA, it will refer the case to a joint dispute settlement committee.

The commission will have 15 days to resolve the dispute, a period that can be extended by consensus, and the process could eventually lead to the re-imposition of the sanctions stipulated in previous United Nations resolutions.

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