ABEN and Fejuve inspect facilities of the Nuclear Center in El Alto

ABEN and Fejuve inspect facilities of the Nuclear Center in El Alto

The Executive Director of the Bolivian Agency for Nuclear Energy (ABEN), Hortensia Jiménez, and staff of that state institution, inspected the land where the Research Center and Development in Nuclear Technology (CIDTN) is being built.

“We are already in preliminary stages of the beginning of civil works. We have the environmental, radiological licenses and we are in the phase of reviewing and approving the designs of the buildings. It is the first important project in scientific, technological terms and it really is a gift for our youth, “said Jiménez, who guided the El Alto leaders in the course of the mentioned terrain.

The project has three components: the Cyclotron Radiofarmacia Preclinica Complex where radiopharmaceuticals will be prepared for cancer patients and other diseases; the Multipurpose Irradiation Plant where food will be improved for export; and it will also consist of a Nuclear Research Reactor that will allow Bolivian professionals to carry out their scientific research.

The land of about 14 hectares located in the area of ​​Parcopata, District 8 of the city of El Alto, the leaders expressed their support for the initiative and stressed the importance of implementing this project in favor of the Bolivian population.

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