Aben and Egpp agreement in nuclear technology

Aben and Egpp agreement in nuclear technology

The Bolivian Nuclear Energy Agency (ABEN) and the Plurinational Public Management School (EGPP) agreed to carry out the training of professionals in nuclear science and technology.

The Executive Director of the ABEN, Hortensia Jiménez, affirmed that the training of human resources is one of the vital points for a country to be included in the group of countries that make the peaceful use of nuclear technology as an instrument of development. In this regard, he noted that the contribution of the EGPP will serve for the constitution of an entire nuclear infrastructure, in addition to the training and training of human resources to carry out a project of this magnitude.

“For us it is very important to receive the support of institutions such as the EGPP that has to do with training for a State that is advancing on issues of nuclear technology,” said Jimenez, after signing the agreement at ABEN facilities.

The purpose of the document is to develop training and qualification programs on nuclear science and technology issues in the Plurinational State of Bolivia under face-to-face, blended, closed, long distance, national or international modalities that optimize the levels of professionalization of future administrators of the Nuclear Research Center.

For his part, the Executive Director of the EGPP, Ivan Iporre, said that the state institution sees the possibility of articulating the graduates with master’s degrees from different international universities so that the training and training process can be accelerated.

The signing of the agreement was made within the framework of the construction of the Center for Research and Development in Nuclear Technology (CIDTN) that ABEN carries out for the benefit of the population (under the management of Rosatom) since it will have a Cyclotron radiopharmaceutical Preclinical Complex, a Multipurpose Irradiation Plant and a Research Reactor.

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