A Nuclear Safety Plan between China and Czech

A Nuclear Safety Plan between China and Czech

From May 25th to 26th, the first nuclear security cooperation work meeting between Ministry of Ecology and Environment of China (NNSA) and Czech Nuclear Safety Administration was held in Prague, Czech Republic.

Both parties first introduced their respective nuclear safety regulatory frameworks and recent major nuclear safety regulatory activities. China talked its nuclear safety regulatory system, and the implementation of Nuclear Safety Law. While Czech Republic also made a comparison regarding its regulatory organization system.

After discussing the nuclear security activities between 2018 and 2019, both sides are determined that personnel and information cooperation will be carried out in the areas of regulatory system construction, nuclear safety review, and emergency preparedness response. They also signed a cooperation plan on nuclear safety in the above cooperation areas.

After the meeting, the Chinese side visited the Czech Republic’s UJV Řež nuclear technology research and development center and the Temelin nuclear power plant and conducted a technical seminar with Czech Republic on nuclear power safety technology research development and nuclear power project construction.

The meeting identified the specific cooperation activities of bilateral nuclear safety cooperation between China and Czech Republic in the next two years and analyzed the functions of the different nuclear safety regulatory agencies between China and Czech.

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