A new branch for Rosatom.. in Saudi Arabia

A new branch for Rosatom.. in Saudi Arabia

Rosatom has announced the opening of a branch in Saudi Arabia that will work on the company’s participation in the competition in a possible nuclear plant construction project involving Russia.

The company said in a statement that: “During the sixth meeting of the Russian-Saudi Joint Committee on Trade, Economic and Scientific Cooperation, Minister of Energy, Alexander Novak, affirmed the intention of the Russian side to develop active cooperation with Saudi Arabia in the peaceful use of nuclear technology projects, and announced opening of a branch of Rosatom Overseas in Riyadh.

Rosatom Overseas will promote the proposal to build a nuclear plant with large and small capacities as well as the Center for Nuclear Science and Technologies in Foreign Markets.

Earlier this month, Alexey Lekhachev, general manager of Russia’s Rosatom, announced Moscow’s proposal to build a nuclear power plant in Saudi Arabia, based on 3+ generation of VVER-1200 technologies as mentioned in details here.

Lechachev said earlier that Moscow was in talks with the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates on projects of this kind. He considered that North Africa and the Middle East are promising areas for cooperation in the field of nuclear energy.

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