A look at the Sudanese nuclear program

A look at the Sudanese nuclear program

A team of experts from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has put forward a number of observations and proposals on the nuclear program that Sudan plans to set up for peaceful purposes after a week of review of the first phase of the program, at a time when the Sudanese government has declared its commitment to all international standards in the field of nuclear energy.

“The Sudanese government has pledged to develop the infrastructure for the production of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes and has committed itself to establishing specific mechanisms in coordination with the IAEA,” the head of the team, Anthony Estut, told reporters yesterday at the end of the discussions of the integrated review committee of the Sudanese nuclear program.

He pointed out that the team held intensive meetings for a week with the Sudanese parties concerned with the nuclear program, and pointed out that there will be more discussions so that the benefit of the Sudan nuclear energy.

“We made proposals and recommendations to the Sudanese government to develop a plan of action for the nuclear energy program.”

The director of the Nuclear Generation Department of the Ministry of Water Resources and Electricity Nasser Ahmed Al-Mustafa said that the team of the IAEA has stopped at the level of follow-up to the first phase of the implementation of the Sudanese nuclear program, related to the preparation of infrastructure, which depends on 19 elements, including sovereign decision-making.

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