A grant of $63 million to finance the energy sector in Palestine

A grant of $63 million to finance the energy sector in Palestine

The World Bank has approved a new grant of $14 million, in addition to a grant of $49 million from partners in the multi-donor trust fund for the Palestinian Partnership for Infrastructure Development, that includes: Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway, France, Finland, Sweden, Croatia, Portugal, the United Kingdom and Australia.

The new grant is part of a multi-stage program to enhance the sustainability of performance, infrastructure and reliability of the Palestinian energy sector, with a view to improving the operational and financial performance of electricity sector institutions.

The first phase of the program will focus on building new infrastructure while rehabilitating existing infrastructure to improve the continuity of electricity supply, and to facilitate better electrical connectivity with Israel and Jordan. It will also support the installation of advanced measurement systems with a focus on developing solutions for poorer communities and reducing non-technical losses due to thefts and unregistered users.

The program will also pay special attention to closing the gender gaps, as it will enhance the solar energy financing mechanism available to families and small and medium enterprises in Gaza, and this support is for families supported by women and will be expanded to cover the West Bank.

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