The opportunities in Kenya for Turkish companies

The opportunities in Kenya for Turkish companies


  • Release Date: July 15, 2017

Leonard Khafafa, vice-president of the National Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Kenya, stated that there are 47 states in Kenya, each of which is engaged in development. “There are big opportunities for Turkish construction companies in education, health, infrastructure and tourism sectors of our country.” he said.

Mr. Khafafa noticed that the trade volume between the two countries, which is 150 million USD, is well below the potential and should be raised to 1 billion USD.

Explaining that there are great opportunities for Turkish investors in building infrastructure in Kenya, he said: “We need new roads and lighting systems in Mombasa and Nairobi cities, and to benefit the experiences of Turkey.”

He noted that a Turkish trade center and industrial zone to be established in the country would increase the number of Turkish-affiliated companies and thereby provide employment for Kenyan people.

He added also that Kenya has a tourism sector targeting Western European tourists but they need to increase tourist circulation between Turkey and Kenya.

The government has supported those who want to invest with the entrepreneurial system and high tax incentives. Moreover, the country has solved the problem of terrorism on its Somali border 5-6 years ago so according to Mr. Khafafa, Nairobi is now one of the safest places.

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