Strategy of the Chinese Nuclear Industry Alliance

Strategy of the Chinese Nuclear Industry Alliance


  • Release Date: March 29, 2017

On March 21, during the Annual Meeting of the Nuclear Industrial Alliance, which gathers the main Chinese nuclear technical equipment manufacturer in Fuqin (Fujian Province). The vice president of the CNNC, Mr. Yu Peigeng, delivered a speech in front of 70 representatives from the China NEA, NNSA, SASAC, Ministry of Education etc. om the topic of the “One Belt and One Road” initiative.

The Industrial Alliance is actively involved in the “Going out” strategy of the Chinese nuclear power industry, it organizes internal and international exchanges among the members to provide consultation and solutions for the Chinese nuclear exports.

During the meeting, the members in the alliance visited the Fuqing 5&6 field work, which is the first Hualong n.1 project being constructed in China, and the reference plant for the exports.

The alliance also shared their experience and improvement in international nuclear staff training, public relations and social responsibility, as well as financing and plans for overseas nuclear project.


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Elaine Li

Elaine Li (李益楠) is Marketing Manager for the Chinese Market. With ten years of experience in the nuclear power market, Elaine is experts for the certification of safety equipment (HAF 604 and 601) and marketing intelligence.