6 to 8 nuclear units in 2018

6 to 8 nuclear units in 2018

The “Guidelines for Energy Work in 2018” released by the National Energy Administration’s official website on March 7, pointed out that the issue of limiting nuclear power in some regions will continue to be resolved actively, and nuclear power will be promoted with full occurrence.

The background of the “Guidance Opinions” for the resolution of nuclear power limitation is that last year, eight units in five nuclear power plants including Hongyanhe, Ningde, Fuqing, Changjiang, and Fangchenggang had been required for power reduction or shut down and standby, and the average utilization rate of the equipment is less than 70%.

The “Guidance Opinion” also stated that it will actively promote the construction of nuclear power projects that have been started. During the year, Sanmen No.1, Haiyang No.1, Taishan No.1, Tianwan No.3 and Yangjiang No.5 units will be completed, with a total of approximately 6 million MW new installed capacity. It also indicated that it will actively promote the approval of  projects with mature conditions, and plan to start 6 to 8 units during the year. It will steadily push forward a number of pre-demonstration work on coastal nuclear power projects with mature site conditions and good public foundation.

In addition, the “Guiding Opinions” put forward that on the basis of full demonstration and assessment, the construction of a batch of advanced third-generation PWR nuclear power projects in the coastal areas will be started. It will further improve the nuclear power project development and management system and do a good job of nuclear power plant site resources protection.

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