5th China (International) Conference on Nuclear Power Instrumentation & Control Technology

5th China (International) Conference on Nuclear Power Instrumentation & Control Technology

On June 18-20, 2019, the 5th China (International) Conference on Nuclear Power Instrumentation & Control Technology was officially held in Shanghai. It is an international conference jointly organized by China Instrumentation & Control Society and China Nuclear Society. The conference was held in Beijing in 2009 and will be held every two years, in Shanghai, Xi’an and Beijing etc.

The theme of this conference is “safety, green, synergy and innovation”. During the conference, experts from home and abroad conducted in-depth discussions and analysis on the technical and development issues of nuclear power instrumentation & control. The conference has a total of ten topics, and received more than 300 submissions from enterprises, universities, research institutes, equipment suppliers and other units, involving nuclear power instrumentation & control technology, standards, equipment identification, status and trends.

The conference invited experts from home and abroad to report on the development of the domestic nuclear power instrumentation & control industry and explore the opportunities and challenges in the fields of nuclear power instrumentation & control, chip, information security, personnel training, and intelligent interaction. The opening ceremony was presided over by Zhang Tong, secretary general of China Instrumentation & Control Society, and Yu Jianfu, secretary general of China Nuclear Society, delivered a speech on behalf of the two organizers.

The conference invited experts from the United States, France and other countries in the field of nuclear power instrument control to make a report on the conference, introducing the status quo of foreign nuclear power instrument control. During the conference, the conference set up a special exhibition area to showcase the latest research results, products and application practice cases. The participants and the display enterprises can better understand the products through face-to-face communication.


NβN tip: Big data processing and artificial intelligence technology are developing rapidly, and the international manufacturing pattern is being reshaped. Countries have introduced corresponding strategies for intelligent manufacturing deployment, and smart nuclear power has become an inevitable choice for China’s nuclear power development.

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