3 Egyptian companies win tenders for El-Dabaa NPP implementation

3 Egyptian companies win tenders for El-Dabaa NPP implementation

The company Atomstroyexport (ASE), the engineering division of the Russian Rosatom State Corporation, has announced the selection of 3 Egyptian companies out of a total of 10 contracting companies, which have won three construction tenders for El-Dabaa nuclear power plant project.

The company “Petrojet” won a tender for the implementation of the work complex during the preparatory period for the construction of the site’s facilities at El-Dabaa plant. Hassan Allam company won the tender for the construction of the main base, buildings and structures for the drilling works base of the nuclear power plant. While the Arab Contractors Company awarded the tender for the vertical settlement of sections 1, 5 and 8. And so the three companies follow “Elsewedy Electric” company, which had previously concluded an agreement with Rosatom to participate in construction works , to participate in the construction of El-Dabaa NPP within the agreed timetable framework of implementing the nuclear project.

Atomstroyexport will also launch a new tender during the current year, 2020, to continue the implementation of the project, and the tender will include the implementation of the settlement tasks of part of the construction area and the settlement of the main construction site, drilling, networks, and roads.

Dr. Grigory Sosnin, Director of El-Dabaa Nuclear Power Project and Vice President of the Atomstroyexport, stated that: “The presence of local companies is one of the company’s most important priorities. Therefore, we are keen to ensure the inclusion of local suppliers in all our projects, and Rosatom is also keen that 20% of the construction works for El-Dabaa nuclear power project is implemented in cooperation with local companies, completing the first nuclear power unit in Egypt”.

The director of El-Dabaa nuclear project added that the inclusion rate of Egyptian companies is expected to increase with the construction of each new unit of the four reactor units assigned to the plant – with a capacity of 1200 MW each – while Egyptian companies gain more experience, illustrating that: “holding tenders helps the company in selecting the best contractors in the local market, as well as stimulating competitiveness and improving the quality standards for services and equipment with which the Egyptian companies operate”.

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